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Lauren Ashby


Lauren Ashby

I am a New York City-based Certified Personal Trainer, NPC Nationally-Qualified Figure Competitor, and Figure and Bikini Competition Prep Coach. I started my career at an exclusive boutique gym in Arlington, VA before moving to New York City in 2008.

Since moving to New York, I worked at a large commercial gym but now work as an independent trainer with a broad client base including a Broadway performer, reality TV contestant, college athletes, fitness competitors, post-rehab clients and everybody in between!

I became interested in fitness and weight training after “retiring” from competitive swimming which I did for 11 years.  I became a regular at my gym and decided to make it my career after 10 years in the marketing industry.  I then decided to take my passion to another level when I became an NPC Figure Competitor in 2009. I continue to compete in Figure Competitions and have since taken my passion to a new level by coaching figure and bikini athletes, an elite group of women dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding.   I am constantly researching and looking for new ways to surprise my clients and love to educate, motivate and inspire everyone I work with!

AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
AFPA Certified Trainer of Special Populations
AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Counselor


Lauren Ashby
Aspire Private Fitness

*AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
*AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
*AFPA Certified Trainer of Special Populations
*Competition Prep Coach