Christian Castano


Christian Castano is a holistic personal trainer with over 7 years of experience working with an eclectic group of clients. His knowledge stems from personal application, tireless studying, and a hunger to continue personal and professional growth. Christian has a unique ability to work with individuals of all ages and varying fitness goals.

As a wrestler and football player, Christian was forced to fluctuate his weight and musculature at a young age. Christian prides himself in taking this experience, perfecting it with his own studies, and utilizing it to help individuals realize their full physical potential.

While weight training is widely viewed as a form of exercise exclusive to “meat heads” and men, Christian is the man to put the myth to rest. He believes weight training is about mental strength, and thus makes it a perfect fit for everyone. Whether he is working with a business exec, fitness model, or elderly individual in need of functional movement, Christian implements weight and resistant training carefully into each program, to ensure each client gets the absolute most of every session.

“Not everyone has the kind of discipline and mental fortitude it takes to lift weights. But everyone is capable of harnessing said minutes with the right coaching” – Christian Castano